100 Years of Merce Cunningham


On the 100th anniversary of the legendary choreographer’s birth, finding inspiration in decades of dancers and artist collaborations.

  1. The Seasons, 1947. Set and Costumes by Isamu Noguchi.
  2. Summerscape, 1964. Set and Costumes by Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.
  3. Clip from Event for Television (1977) of Minutiae (1954). Set by Robert Rauschenberg.
  4. Event for Television, 1977. Set by Frank Stella.
  5. Locale, 1979. Film and Costumes by Charles Atlas.
  6. Fractions I, 1978. Film by Charles Atlas; Costumes by Mark Lancaster.
  7. Points In Space, 1986. Set by William Anastasi; Costumes by Dove Bradshaw.
  8. Scenario, 1997. Costumes by Rei Kawakubo.