Eternal Circle


A circle at the foot.


Circle from the Greek κίρκος + κύκλος "hoop" + “ring”


The circle transcends multivalence, communicating the innate. 

At once a center - a mark of the self - and an outer limit, unified and collective, it speaks to a mutual arising.

A missive of balance - all sides exist to be equal from its core, imparting an old intrinsic harmony. Without beginning or end - a shared emblem of the eternal, a cyclical knowing, it reminds us.

The circle transmits its double sided message - that of affinity and mystery; a relationship which began with the sun or the moon, as ever present and unexplained, as our own or the others’ round eyes. 

Cala is our ornament for "the cove," and the natural forms you might find in curved arches along the spiraled gyres of the sea, an entry found in a void; a token of possible openings within an unknown. 



1. Broken Circle - Robert Smithson (1970)

2. Unknown

3. Bini Shell by Dante Bini

4. Unknown

5. Getulio Alviani Monorecchio (1965)

6. Kazuo Shinohara

7. Enzo Mari

8. Mario Botta

9. The American Book of Charts (1980)

10. Brion Tomb by Carlo Scarpa

11. The Sun in Art (1970)

12. Kazuo Shinohara

13. Rohmer (1974)

14. Unknown

15. Gianni Caravaggio’s installation Play Me and Play Me Again (1996)

16. Unknown