A design of her own and for herself, to see the Méribel les Allues building is also to view a structure of innermost thought, Charlotte Perriand's intimate ideal. What she considered to be the fundamentals in life; all that was needed at home come colder months –– a balance of focused fantasy + functionality. This place of respite and its concepts inspired our FW20 collection.

In the mode of Perriand, classic shapes are paired with modern comfort and a spirit of utility; deep reddish brown and black Lola boots in patent take on an urushi lacquer sheen; and wooden Georgia heels hint at the rustic wood of the Japanese inspired home. A white gold Laura flat, or bolder snakeskin Agataevoke her sudden touches of color and pattern, which arrive in exquisitely spare rooms –– as if from the nature of their surrounding hillsides.

In fall, we imagine Perriand alone at home sketching in the Ema buckled Mary Jane –– or in the sixties, swiftly pulling on a tall white Donna boot for a winter gathering when her vision is complete. In its quiet minimalism, Perriand’s chalet made room for personal comfort, solidity found through simplicity, to build upon –– an ethos for our new footwear. The collection is –– perhaps as the chalet was for Charlotte –– our idea of a refined foundation, to reset and dream in.


1. Charlotte Perriand Working in Japan in the 1940s

2. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

3. Margiela FW (2014)

4. Charlotte Perriand Chaise Longue Basculante B 306 (1928)

5. Calvin Klein (1986)

6. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

7. Source Unknown

8. Prada SS (1992)

9. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

10. Hermès FW (2000)

11. Hermès FW (2000)

12. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

13. Source Unknown

14. Un Art D'Habiter (1903-1959)

15. Alaïa FW (1992)

16. Alaïa FW (1992)

17. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

18. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

19. Margiela (1990s)

20. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

21. Hermès FW (1991)

22. Perriand Méribel Chalet (Present)

23. Margiela (Hermès Years) 

24. Perriand Méribel Chalet (1960)

25. Charlotte Perriand Stands Triumphant (1920s)