Minimalist Focus: Kim Lim


Minimalist Focus: Kim Lim


Kim Lim's sculptures, arranged chronologically, would be a gradient that begins in wood and ends in stone. As a Singapore born artist living in London, polarities were perhaps a thematic constant – beyond the visual oppositions found in her art. Of this Lim said, "race and gender were givens I worked from, perhaps the work does reflect this which is fine, but I did not want to make them an issue.” Any dualism in her practice appears as just that, an evocation of untampered natures – and as the full spectrum of her work may imply – then merely parts of a whole. 


1. At Work in Camden Square 1982

2. Bridge II 1976

3. Round House Gallery 1979

4. Painted Wood 1964

5. Samurai 1960

6. Intervals II 1973

7. Intervals II 1973

8. Kim Lim with Abacus 1959

9. Wind Water Piece 1979

10. Camden Arts Centre 1999

11. Kim Lim at the New Arts Centre

12. In the Studio 1960

13. Twice 1966