“Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for a while.” - Inspiration for new starts from John Cage’s “10 Rules”


LoQ ushers in the New Year with frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang, and sandalwood

Scent as a symbol of renewal in atmospheric form...a coupled gesture for the year’s start; clearing space while creating anew through the senses. At once ethereal and grounding, the strongest sense tied to breath; the aromatic invigorates by hinting at our own vitality. 

An alternative healing practice, herbal cures and essential oils have a storied association with women crafters, as women had access to design treatments within the home. The esoteric nature of such remedies and rituals continue to cultivate small spaces for connectivity and healing outside of set structures. 

LoQ focuses on the following notes for the beginning of 2020. Regenerating and reharmonizing, a scent can inspire an enhanced temporality–swiftly altering and drawing one closer to the center of the present moment. 

Scent Notes for 2020

FRANKINCENSE from the French franc encens, meaning “high quality incense.” A sanctified substance sourced from fissures of the Boswellia tree, gum resin is then steam distilled to produce an oil with deep notes of wood, spices, and citrus. Integral to Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine since 500 BC; an immune-enhancer and natural astringent for healing the skin in winter months. Used throughout the holy spaces of Europe and sacred temples of Asia, one of the most prized oils of the world, and entwined in a rich history of spiritual practice. 

LAVENDER is a native to the mountains of the Mediterranean and part of the Lavandula family of mint. From the Latin “lavare” to wash, the plant was used in Roman ritual and bathing. The essential purifier; harvested oils of the purple plant are an aid to sleeping deeply, reducing emotional stress, and elevating one’s mood. 

YLANG YLANG from the tropical tree of the Custard apple family native to India, ylang ylang is the quintessential floral note of the east. The Cananga tree is fast growing, and the benefits of its flowers–picked in the night–are similar in their energetic temperament. A mentally and physically stimulating plant, ylang ylang yields a “wildness” the etymology of its name implies. A star shaped flower particularly beneficial for women’s health. Balances unevenness, at once physical and emotional. 

SANDALWOOD from Santalum trees is known to preserve its fragrance for years, and acts as a fixative which pairs well with more delicate scents; the base note from which a perfumer can elaborate upon–it is naturally grounding. A key strengthener, it is known for sharpening mental acuity and cognitive functions. The oil is produced in the “heartwood” or the center of a tree’s trunk...the scent of paradise in Vedic thought. 

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