Menorca: Spring 2021 Part 1 Mood



Shot by Cecilia Renard along the rocky calas on the island of Menorca, Spain — Spring 2021 Part 1 is in some way our wanderlust on film. Balearic waters, dozing boats, and driftwood fences outlined the collection with a traveler's functionality and dreamy nostalgia.

There were also coastal towns of the mind’s eye. Part 1 transitions from winter to spring like a sleepy Pointe Courte just rising — the Mediterranean pace of Agnes Varda’s 1955 fishing village. Refining a classic — Arlo and Rio are updates of sandals that might be found on the film’s fishermen. This collection similarly venerates a pared-down beauty of the everyday — with handcrafted styles in artisanal leathers made to be worn daily, and beyond seasons.

Across oceans, we looked to the cultural traditions of the Japanese Ama — or sea women who dive for pearls. The textural world of the divers can be found in sandals like the Maya — a diamond-weave leather wedge reminiscent of their catching nets. Or the braided cordage straps of the Sierra — recalling the Amas’ characteristic utility + elegance. Being near to the sea inspires one to reduce to the essentials — and we hoped to capture some features of that effortlessness here.

See Cecilia Renard's work here.


1. Slim Aarons - Capri (1958)

2. Fisherman in Crete (1980s)

3. La Pointe Courte (1955)

4. La Pointe Courte (1955)

5. Source Unknown

6. Tove Jansson (n.d.)

7. Source Unknown

8. Source Unknown

9. La Pointe Courte (1955)

10. La Pointe Courte (1955)

11. Jane Birkin (n.d.)

12. Laura Ashley (1980s)

13. Source Unknown

14. Life of Ama Divers - Iwase Yoshiyuki (1950s)

15. Life of Ama Divers - Iwase Yoshiyuki (1950s)

16. Life of Ama Divers - Iwase Yoshiyuki (1950s)