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Friends of Domo

The Domo is our leather catchall for keepsakes or small daily routines. A sculptural object which inspires organization – surrounding what we have in a little ritual. We asked friends what they store in their Domo to see what they hold close.


Stepping Out

Interior Focus: Pau + Simona Slide-Style – Letting the outside in.


Minimalist Focus: Sol LeWitt

Minimalist Focus: Sol LeWitt & The Block 


Perla Mood

The shell is fantasy found in the organic – inspirational iridescence behind our Perla sandal. 


LoQ Color Recipes: Turrón

Our signature beige is called Turrón for Turrón de Alicante, a treat from the region in Spain where our shoes are crafted. This simple nougat recipe can be made easily with ingredients you may already have on hand. 


LoQ Listens: Dancing at Home

Music we are currently enjoying, and dancing to, as we stay-at-home.

Hear our first installment of LoQ Listens – "Dancing at Home" here.


Material Focus: Ozu Interiors

A master of the domestic narrative, conveying the intricacies of life lived at home – the wooden interiors of our favorite Yasujiro Ozu films.



"It illuminates a little known world where women made, used, and marketed their work." - Weaving History.



Our Roma sandal is a tribute to the vibrancy of Italian cinema. A colorful respite from our indoor lives, we are currently enjoying these titles as we stay home. 


Interview with Jess Wang of Picklé

"Once you make something you truly enjoy that is fermented, you develop a deeper bond with that food and that experience is so wonderful you will want to share it." Interview with Jess Wang of Picklé


Eternal Circle

A circle at the foot.


Je dors, je travaille

At Home with Valentine Schlegel


Mughal Colors

The quiet elation of colors in 17th Century Mughal paintings – inspiration for pastel tones in our SS20 collection.



"Rajasthan had always been on my mind." Interview on our India shoot with LoQ cofounder Keren Longkumer.


Visual Narrative: Costa

Stills from favorite seaside films, embodying the Costa, our reimagined espadrille in open lattice weave leather.



"Perfumes are structurally similar to music with chords and notes" Interview with Emily L'Ami of Bodha Therapeutic Perfumer


Pre-Spring 2020 Mood

Mood for Pre-Spring 2020: Inspired by soft linearity, organic forms, desert tones; a capture of the sky just before a shift


Pure Beauty

“I’m always interested in the things that we don’t call art…”



“Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for a while.” - Inspiration for new starts from John Cage’s “10 Rules”


Introducing Izabel Lam: Notes on Flatware History

“Movement and flow have been the first lesson in her life as a designer.”


Winter Arrangements: Style Notes from Ikebana

Holiday dressing inspiration in the mode of ikebana. A visual celebration of winter transience; line, shape, and color as symbolic language. Dressing with ceremonial intention and sculptural play.

LoQ store in Northeast Los Angeles

We are pleased to announce the opening of the LoQ store in Northeast Los Angeles.

Mexico City: Casa Luis Barragán

A tour through the homes designed by Luis Barragán, Mexico City’s master of light and color. Secondly, Casa Luis Barragán.

Mexico City: Casa Prieto-Lopez

A tour through the homes designed by Luis Barragán, Mexico City’s master of light and color. First up, Casa Prieto-Lopez.

100 Years of Merce Cunningham

On the 100th anniversary of the legendary choreographer’s birth, finding inspiration in decades of dancers and artist collaborations.

Appartement-Atelier de Le Corbusier

Designed by Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret in the 1930s.

SS19 Mood Board

A look at the visual references behind our SS19 collection.

The TÍA bag

The TÍA bag as shared by friends of LoQ.

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