Celebratory Florals


Floral arrangements by Locust Floral using the Kokeshi Champagne Flutes.

"For Locust, the selection process for a vessel is just as inspired as the curation of flowers for it. The importance a vase holds in an arrangement is utmost. Vases can truly launch an arrangement into another level of design, in which the viewer may perceive a more complex narrative.

The more intentional a designer can become with the context in which their flowers take on meaning, the more poignant the arrangement becomes. I like to be able to create a fully considered environment for my flowers whenever viable, so that the visual impact can be as striking and as curiosity evoking as possible.

The LOQ Kokeshi vessels attribute to the overall visual success of an arrangement and creates interesting and beautiful forms for my compositions to speak from." 

Sarah Stracke of Locust Floral

Photography by Courtney Miener


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