Friends of Domo


The Domo is our leather catchall for keepsakes or small daily routines. A sculptural object which inspires organization – surrounding what we have in a little ritual. We asked friends what they store in their Domo to see what they hold close.


1. Lola @ichheisse.lola - bedside magnesium and 1 sacred cbd pill

2. Stella @stellasimona - a reminder of her grandmother

3. Kourtney @kourtneykyung - mother's watch, childhood locket, a seashell from the week she got married

4. Neada @neadadeters - travel companion for everyday jewels

5. Audrey @wizardofaudj - earphones

6. Rachel @thatschic - rose incense

7. Tiana @tianapetrullo - pieces from Oaxaca

8. Photo by Tiana Petrullo

9. Photo by Tiana Petrullo

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