Self Portrait: Drew Escriva


LoQ Self Portrait Series: Drew Escriva


1.Take us through a typical day, in atypical times. 

A typical day "these days" has been slower and less important in the best way. It means leisurely coffee, followed by the news with a face mask and then a shower or bath if I've got the time. A bit of a book if it feels right, but I like to be a part of the world right when I wake up, which usually means priority to messages and emails I've received after I fell asleep at 9:30pm. If there's no film to drop off, or selects to make, or job to be at — these days I am extra boring — I water my plants, cook, play the piano, speak with friends or some other nonsense until it's time for wine by the fireplace at 5pm. 

2. How has the pandemic impacted your practice of photography?

I lost a lot of motivation for a while at the beginning. But since the Summer, in some ways, I'm more inspired than ever. I've relinquished my perceived  "precious-ness" and permanence of a single image, and feel more content about making little moments for myself. I feel less claustrophobic, and although my artistic practice hasn't changed, it feels more fulfilling now. It has more weight in my life now.  

 3. Is self-portraiture a form you generally gravitate towards? If so, why – or why not?

It used to be! My first couple of years in college, as a newbie to LA (by way of Portland, OR) meant no friends and no models. And yet I had so many ideas I wanted to see realized, so I became my own model for a time. I don't make many self-portraits anymore unless prompted, which is why I was quite excited about this project. I think it's important to hold onto images of yourself through time, especially self-made photos.

4. Whose work has inspired you creatively?  

I'll always love Duane Michals. For his stories of humor and darkness. And for his philosophy on photography, which couldn't be closer to my own. 

5. What are some rituals or activities keeping you grounded & interested right now?

We've crept into an LA winter now, which to me means the ritual of sitting by the fire every night sharing wine with my partner and our cat, Waris. But the thing that keeps me the most inspired are the nights at my desk, blaring Aphex Twin and reworking photographs until they feel just right, nothing else keeps me sane quite the same.  


See Drew's photos @drewescriva.

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