Interview: Natasha Garrett


Interview with Natasha Garrett –– creator of Roam Vintage.


1. Where are you from & based –– tell us a bit about yourself...

Vintage runs in my blood. My grandmother had an antique shop in New Mexico when I was a kid and my mom collects and sells vintage home decor to her interior design clients. I grew up in San Francisco, going to flea markets, estate sales and antique shops from an early age. It’s where I feel most at home. At nineteen, I moved to New York to pursue a degree and career in the fashion industry. It was a whirlwind experience that greatly shaped my life and work ethic.  Eventually, I moved to Los Angeles, where I am now based. I was working as a freelance wardrobe stylist in LA for the first few years but became increasingly disenchanted with the pace and the ethos of the mainstream fashion industry. I started Roam about two years ago as a way to merge my loves of fashion and vintage and haven’t looked back since.

2. Can you tell us about Roam and how it came to be? What is behind the name for you?

Roam was born out of my love for traveling the world and finding treasures on the way. To me, roaming evokes a sense of exploring with ease and curiosity. I like to think that’s how I approach my work.  

3.  Take us through an atypical day, in atypical times.

No two days are alike for me and I genuinely love it that way. However, mornings always begin with playing with my puppy, Cowboy, in bed and then making coffee as I begin to plan out what needs to be done that day. Sometimes, I spend the day sourcing vintage, other days I am shooting new pieces or catching up on emails and invoices. I feel really grateful that I can work from home and at a pace that feels the best to me. Evenings almost always end with an epsom salt bath and whatever show I’m currently binge watching. Right now it’s The Great Pottery Throw Down. Watch it - you won’t regret it.

4.  Can you tell us about the in-house collection on your site? 

The in-house collection happened really organically. I’m forever thinking of ideas of  clothing and jewelry that I’d like to wear myself. When I started making my jewelry line, The Orfeo Collection, I designed pieces that I knew I would want to wear everyday. Once I realized that it was possible to take these designs I’d made and offer them to a larger audience, I decided to take it more seriously. I’m really excited to be able to work with local artisans and manufacturers on my pieces and I can’t wait to share what’s coming next.

5. What do you hope to communicate with the aesthetic world you've built?

I hope to communicate a sense of thoughtfulness through my aesthetic lens. I am extremely mindful to select vintage that is made well and of good materials. I want this thoughtful approach to how I select pieces to translate to my customers. I hope they know that each piece has been closely inspected with a loving eye. 

6. What do you see as necessary shifts in the industry?

I think a continued shift towards inclusivity  in all aspects of the fashion world is necessary. In all my years working on set, I saw a rise in black and brown models but hardly any black and brown photographers, make up artists, art directors, etc. It is so important to have diverse perspectives in all roles on set (and in all industries). I encourage all brands to look into who they are hiring behind the scenes instead of using black/brown models to make it appear as though they are operating from an inclusive perspective. 

7. Outside of work, what have been some activities or rituals during this time?

Outside of work, I’ve been enjoying little car trips around California. I feel so lucky to live in a state with such diverse terrain. I am endlessly inspired by it. I’ve also been getting back into my yoga practice. It’s been tough for me to feel motivated to move my physical body in the same ways I did before the pandemic, but I find it more important than ever. I have been doing yoga classes online through SkyTing and Modo Yoga. 


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Photos by Michelle Sharp.

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