Sand Slowdown with Vianca Soleil Roquero


Interior Designer Vianca Soleil Roquero winds down in our Sueño Slippers in Sand on Puro Island in Romblon, Phillipines.


1. What are some things keeping you grounded and interested lately?

I try to spend as much time in nature, hiking around the island and boat paddling. Since we’re still in lockdown, I’ve also been making an effort to explore more of our province. It’s been almost two years since I moved here and I think I’ve only been able to explore half of it. 

2. What are your favorite “slow down” songs?

Andy Stott - Faith in Strangers

Au Revoir Simone - Lark

Men I Trust - Lauren

U.S. Girls - Window Shades

Drugdealer - Suddenly

Tirzah - Gladly

L’Impératrice - Parfum Thérémine

Against All Logic - Cityfade

3. What is your nighttime self-care routine?

After a hot shower, I have a very basic skincare routine and then a face massage. Then I squeeze in a bit of reading or call my loved ones in the city. I also make sure to de-clutter before going to bed. Sometimes I go for short walks by the shore. Nighttime self-care for me is more on the emotional and psychological. It’s important to end the day with positive feelings and hopeful thoughts.


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