Self Portrait: Pavielle Garcia


LoQ Self Portrait Series: Pavielle Garcia


1. How has quarantine + social distance impacted your practice of photography?

At the beginning of quarantine I actually didn't photograph at all. I really disconnected from everything. After some time, I eventually felt inspired and started shooting. I went on night drives and photographed things that caught my eye. Then as things loosened up, I started shooting with a couple friends, where it would be just the two of us at a distance. At this moment, I am still inspired and plan on continuing working and creating. I'm really trying to make the most out of this time by documenting and creating work as freely as possible.

2. Is self-portraiture a form you generally gravitate towards? If so, why – or why not?

Not as much as I would like to. I'm usually more focused on photographing my surroundings and subjects. Definitely want to explore and play with it more.

3. What have you spent time with lately?

Lately reading more books than I ever have. One of my favorite books that I’ve read so far during this quarantine is this Italian novel called Divorare il cielo which I read in English translation. Also, playing my favorite music all day long as well as discovering more music. A few songs that have been in constant rotation are Sodade by Cesaria Evora, I Wish You Love by Joe Bataan, and I am in Love by Jennifer Lara. Learning how to cook better. Running has been my meditation and developing a daily routine has helped me so much.

4. Describe a photo which is important to you in words.

A favorite photo of mine is titled ZeynaIt is: soft, light, pure, gentle.

See Pavielle's photos @laaapavi

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